altMBA Virtual Check Ins

Keeping the altMBA spirit alive post-course

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Event planning

Community Management

Communications Strategy

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Team: 1

Time Frame:  3 hr Zoom calls every month

My Role:  Program Manager

The Challenge

How can we provide the altMBA alumni more frequent opportunities to leverage the support of the community to keep the altMBA spirit alive post-course?

The established quarterly in person meetups required more planning and effort to attend. We wanted to design a quicker, easier way for alumni to connect back to the group during the interims between quarterly meetups.

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The Solution

Adapt the format of the quarterly in person meetups to an online format. altMBA Alums could sign up to join a virtual check in call in their chosen time zone. I helped formed small groups and appointed a call leader who would act as group facilitator for the three hour call.

The Results

After helping organize three virtual check ins, with over 100 participants across 4 different time zones, the overall sentiment was one of thanks for having the opportunity to reconnect with fellow altMBA alumni. The biggest pain point was people not showing up for the call and the group size being too small because of no shows.

I collected and synthesized feedback after each round to relay back to HQ demonstrating that the check ins were being utilized and getting input on how encourage better attendance moving forward.