Doing it, Doing it

Interactive discussion and mentorship series inspiring women to do whatever they set their mind to

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Event Design

Event Marketing

Communications Strategy

Intern Management


Team: 1 producer, 2 interns

Time Frame:  Every month for 4 months

My Role:  Event Designer and Producer

The Challenge

Turning inspiration into action

Panel events.

Okay, maybe not all panel events are the problem, but the format does not usually lend itself to audience interaction and physically creates a spacial gap between the speakers and the attendees.

Many events designed for women to feel empowered to improve their career standing or learn about how to start a business center around the stories of featured speakers. This can lead to the opposite of the intended effect, with women feeling discouraged.

How can we create an opportunity for women to come together for inspiration and support that leaves them with concrete next steps to take in their lives?

The Solution

Bridge the gap between the attendees and the speakers.

In fact, don’t call them “a speaker”. Consider them a community leader or a guest entrepreneur.

Design the conversation so that attendees get to interact with the community leader more and get to interact with and support fellow attendees.

Doing it, Doing it with Amy Woodside

Doing it, Doing it with Amy Woodside

Enter: Doing it, Doing it.

Doing it, Doing it connects event attendees to the featured community leader through participatory conversations that break down action into approachable steps making it easily transferable to their projects and ambitions.

We capped the event at 20 people to ensure we had an intimate setting where attendees could get to know one another.

Featured Doers:

  • Amy Woodside from OK REAL

  • Lauren Schwab from Negative Underwear

  • Glory Edim from Well-Read Black Girl

  • Jill Lindsey from JILL LINDSEY  



The Results

We followed up with speakers and attendees to ask for feedback on the event. The results matched the energy in the room after the event was over: positive, empowered, connected.

We heard that several new friendships and even one new business partnership sparked at a Doing it, Doing it and that people really resonated with the interactive format.