Kickstarter “Know Your Admins”

Redesign the Internal Kickstarter Team page to be more informative, current and beautiful

HackDay Project

KSR team page.png


Project Management

Content Strategy


Team: 3

Time Frame:  1 hack day

My Role:  Original Concept and Project Management

The problem

Who is who?

Previously the internal team page simply displayed a Kickstarter employees avatar and bio from their public facing Kickstarter account. We redesigned it so employees could update photos of their actual face and submit a bio specifically crafted for internal viewing.

Kickstarter’s team was growing steadily. A more up-to-date, personalized internal directory ensured that all employees could easily link names to faces.

The Solution

Putting a Face to a Name

The new internal team page displayed people’s actual photos and linked to a more robust description of what the person did and their interests.

My colleagues continued to thank us for our solution, especially the newer hires. In one days time we improved the main digital resource for employees to get to know each other.


I am particularly proud of this project because of how I managed to balance a commitment to my team with my drive to do a project I felt strongly about. My team at the time, the Support team, wanted to do a fun group project for Hack Day - building a physical bar and hosting games for the post-HackDay celebration. I decided to propose and manage my own project, devoting the day to a project I felt would have real impact for my colleagues, and was still able to participate in the team festivities helping out at the end of the day.