Kickstarter Localization

Bringing Kickstarter to Spanish, French, German speaking creators

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Content Strategy
Project Management
Stakeholder Presentations
Team Management
Brand Voice



3rd party translation services

3 freelance contractors

6 internal translation reviewers

3 bilingual Customer Support Specialists

Time Frame:  5 months

My Role:  Project Manager

The problem

Kickstarter had launched in several European countries accepting different currencies but only offering access in English. We wanted to expand the ability to crowdfund on Kickstarter to new markets.

The Solution

We translated the site, app and help center into French, German and Spanish all while staying true to Kickstarter’s brand voice.


I was assigned to this project after it had already started. Coming in a month into the project meant that I had to do my own translation work to quickly understand what was required, who the important players were, and to not only get on schedule but continue to drive it forward.

I worked with the Head of Product to take over project management responsibilities which primarily consisted of systematically moving through the entire catalog of copy on the site, app and Help Center to ensure every word and phrase was translated and green lit across three different translator groups.


On time translations

  • Ensured that our third party translation service was moving through content according to schedule

  • Facilitated translation quality reviews by independent translators

Orchestrated Ongoing Translation Process

  • Bridged communication between translation platform, Kickstarter developers, and third party translation site to ensure new site content would be translated promptly

  • Formalized process for company wide ongoing translations with Product, Comms, and Outreach teams

  • Fielded incoming translation requests from all departments

  • Created documentation for all new translation processes

Pre-launch Preparation

  • Conducted site QA for each new language before launch day

  • Prepared bilingual Support Team direct reports to provide language support in ZenDesk and to translate existing Help Center content

Challenges and Reflections

I don’t speak any French or German and a just a little Spanish. Facilitating the best translations in languages that I don’t speak meant that I had to consistently poll different parties to select a final translation.

On the day the translations went life, it was rewarding to start to see projects in France, Spain, and Germany come to life.

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