Making side hustles happen

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Team: 1

Time Frame:  Monday nights over 12 weeks

My Role:  Program Designer & Producer

The Challenge

NYC is a city of ambitious people trying to make an impact. It is not uncommon for people to have “side hustles”, projects to bring in more income and activate a passion of theirs outside of normal work hours.  

Many NWS community members lamented that they wished they were able to make more progress on their side projects and not fall prey to post-work fatigue or the overwhelm of doing a new thing solo.

People with full-time jobs couldn’t attend Co:Lab, our more intensive accountability group, and asked if we could design an offering for 9-5ers.

The Solution

WORK PARTY was designed for self-identified women and QTGNC people with full time jobs who wanted accountability, feedback and mentorship for their side projects.

We know that it takes commitment and community to see full timers with side hustles follow through and projects come to life.

Each WORK PARTY featured a different mentor with a specific area of expertise. Attendees could book 1:1 time with the mentor for feedback.

Every Monday we reserved 3 hours of work space for attendees to come work on their project either heads down or connecting with others.

WORK PARTY breakout groups

WORK PARTY breakout groups

The Results

WORK PARTY was originally conceived of as a “choose your own adventure” event where people could work independently in a quiet zone or solicit feedback in a social zone.

I quickly learned that most people wanted to benefit from the people in the room and preferred circling up for conversation.

WORK PARTY attracted anywhere from 5-15 attendees on any given Monday and was an interesting experiment in how providing a steady offering impacted attendance and engagement.